Asociación Mexicana de Ortopedia Maxilar A.C.



Ex-Director y Profesor del Departamento de Ortooedia Mxilar, Universidad de Hamburgo, Alemania
Congreso Euro-Americano de Ortopedia Dentofacial, AMOM 200, Nov 29-2 Dic. Ixtapa.México

Primera Parte

Lingual Orthodontics - the ultimate esthetic appliance

In today's world the patients demand not only an excellent esthetic result but often also an esthetic appliance. This demand has led to the development of plastic brackets, ceramic brackets, and -of course- lingual brackets. In the last five years interest in the lingual treatment technique has increased significantly, especially in Japan, Korea, France, Italy, and most recently Germany. New materials and new methods have furthered interest in the technique even more. The presentation will give an overview of today's lingual appliance and what is necessary to use it. Among the topics covered are lingual set-up methods, bracket placement, bonding considerations, arch form, specific details in treatment.

Segunda Parte

Lingual Orthodontics - invisible treatment

This presentation will focus on the practical aspects of treatment and its management. Through a number of cases it will be shown how treatment progresses and where the problems lie. Different bracket designs will be compared, as will different treatment concepts. Special emphasis is put on the treatment of adult patients.

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