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Malden M. Kuftinec

Malden M.Kuftinec, DMD,ScD
Profesor and Director Department of Orthodontics New York University

Current use of Preadjusted Orthodontcis fixed Apliances (P.O.F.A.)

Resumen Conferencia 4ta Reunión Anual AMOM 1999 Manzanillo Col. 25-28 Nov

Evolution of the preadjusted orthodontic apliances (the "Straight Wire Appliaces") Is viewed in its progression, even before Andrews packaged it into a convenient and readily acceptable system. While various refinements in its design made it even more popular, such that nearly all Orthodontists nowadays use some form of the preadjusted appliances, the basic concept has remained the same.

Many clinicians accepted the novelty without the proper indoctrination in its use. Like most of the treatment devices, the "Straight Wire Appliances" (SWA) have some advantages, but also certain clear disadvantages over the more traditional fixed appliances. This presentation will center on discussing some of the disadvantages and the action that needs to be taken, in orden to minimize these clinical problems.

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