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Malden M. Kuftinec

Malden M.Kuftinec, DMD,ScD
Profesor and Director Department of Orthodontics New York University


Contemporary Management of Impactios (with specific emphasis on the impacted Maxillary Canine)
Conferencia 4ta. Reunión Anual AMOM 1999 Manzanillo Col. 25-28 Nov.

Impactions and particularly impactions of the permanent maxilary canines are not a rare anomaly. In a typical orthodontic office they are as likely to be found as Class III malocclusions.

Several key factors have to be considered when one is treatment planning correction of an impaction. Among them are exact location and orientation of both, the crown and the root. A reasonable surgical approach must be selected, which causes insignificant damage to the impacted toot and its surrounding area. Placement of and attachment, traction of the tooth and anchorage consideration are all important considerations, leading to a successful treatment outcomes.

The true fest of a successful treatment of impaction is the clinical picture where one cannot tell which of the canines erupted on its own versus the one that was orthodontically helped into the arch. In order to increase his chances of such aoutcomes, the clinician must be quite familiar with both surgical and orthodontics aspects of teating this kind of anomaly.



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