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Ortopedia Maxilar
Universidad de Hamburgo, Alemania
Asesor Asociación Mexicana de Ortopedia Maxilar, A.C.
Hamburgo, Alemania

19.) The assessmet of the skeletal matrix of a Gnathofacial index

Since the beginning of the century, the size of the dental archeshas been relate to the incisor teeth by means of the point index. so far the size of the supporting facial bones has been considered only only by FROM. LUNDSTROEM as so called apical base. no exact definition has yet been given for what apical base stands for. Four linear measurements, comprising the depth of the m÷axilla, the length of the mandible, the position of the TM Joins and the resulting skeletal over jet between point A and B, have been selected to assess the size of the facial bones and their growth increments in a certain period of time.The difference between facial depth and facial height indicates the prevailing growth direction: horizontal/neutral/vertical (facial type). Age and sex complete these data to a Gnatho facial index which provides a compact information on size and growth of the facial bones.

Conferencia dictada: Reunión de Ortopedia Dentofacial, 26-30 nov. 1996, San Miguel Allende, Mexico.

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