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Ortopedia Maxilar
Stuttgart, Alemania

5.) The Principles and practice of Dentofacial Orthopedics.

ATM: Functional Dental Orthopaedists in Germany start the treatment in the mixed dentition to eliminate unfavorable muscle action and stimulate favorable muscle function.

MATERIAL: 50 Years experience.

METHODS: The modern functional therapy does not use the old rigid activator because this rigid and motionless appliance blocks the natural movement of the mandible. The modern removable bimaxillary appliance kinetor is elastic and movable in all three dimensions. Therefore, it is able to influence the development in saggital, transversal and vertical direction. The patient activates by himself his kinetor.

RESULTS: The kinetor acts by influencing and stimulating further development of growth. Extra-Oral forces are confined in about 30% of malocclusions.

CONCLUSION: The elastic kinetor appliance is a synthesis of removable plates and activators. The use of modern bimaxillary appliances, the combination of European and North American methods is a remarkable and good rationalization of the orthodontics practice.

Conferencia dictada: II Reunión de Ortopedia Dentofacial, 27-30 nov. 1997, Guanajuato, Mexico.


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